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Art by Jey Soliva
  1. Brainstorm
    Price $2400.00
  2. Soliva
  3. Consectetur
    Price $2400.00
  4. Consequat
    Price $4700.00
  5. Ferenean
  6. License
    Price $2400.00
  7. Aenean
    Price $1700.00
  8. Aliquam
    Price $2400.00
Abstract  Paintings
*Lee Pierce
worked 20 years in TELEVISION --- as a Film Editor, Producer, and Host.  In the early 1990's, Lee left TV to go to law school.  While working as an Attorney, Lee studied Art in evening classes.  After more than a decade in Law, Lee retired and devotes full time to painting --- from a Home Studio in the Midwest.  

The skills Lee used as a Film Editor carry over into Lee's work as an Artist.  The capstone of Lee's career as a TV Film Editor was an HONOR that a chapter of "The National Association of Television Arts & Sciences" presented to Lee forLee's role as the Film Editor of a PBS-TV News Special that won an EMMY AWARD

* Please Note --- "Lee Pierce" is this Artist's-signature name on the artworks.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED under (c) Lee Pierce, 20____et. seq. (Copyright Act, 1976). With no limits to the rights under copyright reserved here, no part of this Artist's website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means (e.g., digital transmission, photocopying, electronic transmission, etc.) without prior written consent of the copyright owner (here, Lee Pierce).

Lee Pierce's paintings
are available on-line 
at these Fine Art Galleries

   Xanadu Gallery (Arizona)
   tel'  (480) 368. 9929

   Outnumbered Gallery (Colorado) 
   tel' (720) 389. 9085

   SAATCHI Art (California)
   tel' (888) 908. 3886

Lee Pierce